Vidyasaarathi Portal provides single window for Students to access information and make application for Educational Scholarships. It has the following features:

  1. Information about Various Educational Scholarships.
  2. Apply to multiple Educational Scholarships & schemes.
  3. Facility for Corporates to download Students Scholarship Applications & Review the same.
  4. Application to Registered or Un-registered Educational Institutes.

The applicant must register and login to Vidyasaarathi Portal and then fill-up the Profile and Scheme Specific Scholarship details with all the necessary mandatory fields. (Kindly click on 'Help' tab for further assistance.)

Kindly click on 'Help' tab for further assistance.

Students are required to complete "Sign up" process to register on Vidyasaarathi Portal.Only Students who have completed "Sign up" / "Registration" process can apply for Educational Scholarship Schemes through Vidyasaarathi portal.

You can click on "Forgot password" option provided on the Login page of Vidyasaarathi Portal and you will be asked to provide your registered e-mail address. Vidyasaarathi Portal will send a system generated PDF having user ID and system generated password. The generated PDF will be password corrected having first two characters of First Name & Last Name in lower case.

The Corporate will update the status of the application on Vidyasaarathi Portal. Students can view the status of the application on the applicant's dashboard on the portal.

You may not be eligible as per the norms laid down by the selected corporates or Institutes. Please refer to eligibility criteria for that particular scheme.

The Corporates will mark the scholarship application status to "In-Progress" when the application is under processing by the Corporates.

The Corporates will mark the scholarship application status to "In-Complete" when the application needs further more details to process the application better.

The maximum amount of Scholarship that can be rewarded, will be less than or equal to the Educational course fees as stated in the admission certificate. Also the Scholarship amount is subject to differ from scheme to scheme, Institute to Institute and from course to course.

Instances where the student has already paid the Educational fees for the academic year, in those case the amount of scholarship will be disbursed to the Student Bank Account against the Paid Fee Receipt duly acknowledged by the Educational Institution.

Moment a Corporate award's applicant's scholarship application he/she will receive a mail of scholarship being awarded and status bar in the student dashboard will change to "Awarded" in Vidyasaarathi portal.

Scholarship of an applicant will be disbursed directly to the applicant's registered bank account.

To view the list of Scholarship Schemes on Vidyasaarathi portal, click on 'Search & Apply Schemes' tab.

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