Vidyasaarathi portal provides single window for students to access information and make application for educational scholarships. It has the following features:

  1. Information about various educational scholarships.
  2. Apply to multiple Educational Scholarships & Schemes.
  3. Facility for Corporates to download Students Scholarship Applications & Review the same.
  4. Facility for Educational Institutes/Corporates to register online.

To provide financial assistance to meritorious students from low income families to meet a part of their day to day expenses while pursuing higher studies.

  • Login to our website :
  • Click on the "Sign Up" button at the extreme top most right hand corner
  • Fill the basic required fields
  • Click on the "Submit" button to create your account on vidyasaarathi
  • Please note, the activation link would be sent to your registered email id
  • Once email id is verified, click on the "login" button

In order to apply online, please visit the website through URL

The applicant must "login" to Vidyasaarathi Portal then fill-up the basic profile and scholarship scheme specific details with all the necessary mandatory fields.

Please check your Spam Mail / Junk folder, the mail sometimes fall in this section of your mailbox. If the mail is not found there, you can contact us on or call our customer care number 022-40904484.

Any query related to scholarship, you can contact us on: or call our customer care number 022-40904484.

You can click on "Forgot password" option provided on the Login page of Vidyasaarathi Portal and you will be asked to provide your registered e-mail address. Vidyasaarathi Portal will send a system generated password on your registered email address.

Fields provided with red asterisk (*) mark are mandatory fields.

Please click on scholarship scheme name for mandatory documents.

All the information can be edited till the closure of application form. After final submission, your application will be forwarded to the next level and application hereby cannot be edited.

In "Browse available Schemes" click on scholarship scheme name for eligibility criteria.

The maximum amount of scholarship that can be rewarded, will be less than or equal to the educational course fees as stated in the admission certificate or fee receipt. Also the Scholarship amount is subject to differ from scheme to scheme, Institute to Institute and from course to course.

As per the input provided by the student, if student do not fit into the eligibility criteria, then scholarship cannot be provided.

Instances where the student has already paid the educational fees for the current academic year, in those cases the amount of scholarship will be disbursed to the student bank account against the paid fee receipt duly acknowledged by the educational institution.

  • Before login you can view all the list of scholarship scheme on vidyasaarathi portal by clicking on "Browse available scheme"
  • However, for eligible scheme and matching to your profile. You have to login on vidyasaarathi portal fill the profile and submit then click on 'Search & Apply Schemes' tab.

You have to login on portal by entering your registered email id and password. Once login, you will be redirected to dashboard. Under the field header named 'Action' you can check your applications current status.

Scholarship of an applicant will be disbursed directly to the applicant's registered bank account or institute bank account.

The entity will mark the scholarship application status to 'Application In-Progress'when the application is under processing or not considered for further processing by the authority.

The authority will mark the scholarship application status to"Application Incomplete" when the authority needs further more details or clarity from student's to process the application to next level.

When student changes or rectifies the details which were marked as incomplete and then submits the same then the form will be shown as "Application Resubmitted".

The authority will mark the scholarship application status to "Screening Completed" when the online application form is correct and screened by authorized authority to next level.

When status changed to "Document Verification Pending" Students required to go for physical verification with their original submitted documents. These students will be advised to visit the nearest facilitation centre. The details of the same will be communicated to the respective students via email or call.

When Facilitation Centres (FC) verify the original documents of students with documents uploaded in the system then Facilitation centre will mark the application as "Document Verification Successful" i.e. student details are verified.

When Facilitation Centres (FC) found document uploaded in the system is not genuine or not matched with the original documents then Facilitation centre will mark the application as "Document Verification Unsuccessful".

The authority will mark the scholarship application status to "Assigned to Approver" when the application is forwarded to next level of entity committee for review.

The entity will mark the scholarship application status to "Verified by Approver" when the committee will approve scholarship amount to the candidate. This application will then be forwarded to the final level for their approval.

The entity will select the deserving student for scholarship and mark the application status as "Scholarship Awarded" for further process. It means student has been shortlisted for scholarship amount but processing of amount will take some time

Status "Payment File Generated" refer to scholarship amount/fund is under process by Trust bank which will take some time for process.

Status 'Disbursed' refer that scholarship amount/fund is credited to student bank account or Institute bank account.
If amount/fund not credited check with your bank or you can contact us on or call our customer care number 022-40904484.

  • You may not be eligible as per the norms laid down by the selected entity or Institutes.
  • Document uploaded is not genuine or not available to verify.
  • Student delay in replying of entity query.
  • The selection of a candidate for scholarship is completely under the purview of the entity and it has the right to award scholarship to anyone it feels appropriate. Further, they have the right to reject any application without stating any reason for the same.
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